Fáciles de diseñar para no pasar desapercibido.
• Coloca tus pósteres personalizados en paredes, ventanas y puertas.
• Distintos tamaños disponibles para que escojas el que prefieras. 
• Elige papel mate o brillante premium para conseguir el aspecto que deseas.
286 x 439 mm
Acabado Brillo
Reverso Magnético
Papel de póster de alta calidad
Papel mate
Brillante premium
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Adhesivos Command™: paquetes de 6 pares
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Inform existing customers and attract new ones with custom posters. They’re easy to design and affordable enough to use for all your sales and events. Creating your poster is easy – simply personalize one of our templates or upload your own design. And if you really want to stand out, choose a glossy finish to bring out rich colors and vivid detail.

Use small posters to display store hours or announce events on local bulletin boards. Larger posters are great for grabbing attention in store windows or in bigger spaces. Wherever you display them, posters are an eye-catching way to promote your brand and get your message across.
Custom poster uses and design tips
Nearly every kind of business will find big, bold posters ideal for promoting events and sales as well as and presenting products, services and more. Hair salons and spas can post images of fashionable hairstyles or inspirational themes. Promotional posters are also perfect for realtors, tax preparers, restaurants, grocery stores and any other retail business.

Entertainment venues will find custom movie posters and concert posters to be the easiest, quickest way to boldly advertise their events. Horizontally or vertically displayed, posters are a beautiful and often artistic way to capture attention and gain interest.

It’s also easy to create and display posters that match the theme of personal events like weddings and parties. Photos of the bride and groom, graduate or other guest of honor are great as decorations or for gathering autographs and comments from attendees. 

Photographers, artists and graphic designers: Vistaprint’s personalized posters are such an easy, inexpensive way to distribute your art in large quantities for everyone to appreciate!

Whatever your message or promotional needs, posters are big enough to include it all: Large headlines, photographs, artwork, event info or detailed descriptions. Anything can fit on a poster.
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